PFEIL Swiss Made Full-Size Starter Set

PFEIL Full Size Starter Set Review

This PFEIL starter set is designed for woodcarvers of all skill sets, but it can be a great choice for beginners because it comes with many essential tools. It includes several of the commonly used wood carving tools that can handle a wide range of project types and sizes. The manufacturer markets this set as one that comes with everything the beginner will need to get started. But aside from the fact that it’s designed for the beginner, it contains many of the tools that the seasoned wood carver can appreciate, including a wide range of gouges, chip carving knives, parting knives, and more.

Our Verdict: While the set includes many of the tools the new woodcarver will use, the overall quality of this set also makes it a great buy for the seasoned wood carver who wants to upgrade their wood carving tools. We would recommend this set to any carver in need of tools that are equipped with well-balanced handles, tough blades, and those in search of a high-quality set of wood carving tools that are designed to last.

The set includes some great pieces that even the skilled woodcarver will appreciate. Of course, this isn’t a complete set and only includes a single wood carving knife and a couple of chisels, however, it’s a great starter set for those new to the world of wood carving.

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Overview and Features

This PFEIL carving tool set is made up of many of the commonly used carving tools the pros use. These full-sized tools are perfect for newbies in need of basic tools for a wide range of project types and wood types.

When you think of a set that’s specifically designed for beginners, then you probably don’t expect much in terms of versatility and quality. But that’s what makes this set stand out from the competition. This set comes with a variety of gouge sizes, chisel designs, and other basic tools that make this kit the perfect for the newbie. However, considering the overall quality of the tools in this set, it’s also a great buy for the skilled woodcarver who wants to upgrade their tools.

PFEIL Full Size Starter Set

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

PFEIL Swiss Made Full-Size Starter Set

  • Includes four gouge sizes
  • Single and double-bevel chisels
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Includes a tool roll for easy storage
  • Affordable price
  • Premium Quality

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Inside the Box

This set contains the following wood carving tools:

  • Fitted tool roll
  • Single bevel straight chisel
  • Skew cut double-bevel chisel
  • Number five gouge
  • Number four gouge
  • Number seven gouge
  • Number nine gouge
  • V-parting tool
  • Chip carving knife

Chip Carving Knife

The included chip carving knife can be used for a variety of applications and different types of wood carving techniques ranging from whittling to chip carving. It’s often used for whittling and paring wood.


This set includes a couple of the most commonly used styles of chisels. But if you’re new to wood carving you may not even need to use them unless you’re interested in relief carving, chip carving, or sculpting.

Chisels are considered an essential carving tool. The chisel consists of a very sharp cutting edge and a single or double-bevel design. This set includes both the single and double-bevel, allowing you to tackle a wider range of projects. These bevel edged style chisels are considered the most popular type of chisels primarily because they’re so versatile and can work to expertly remove wood without damaging the surrounding material.


This set includes a total of four gouges. There are a couple of numbers written on the blade of each gouge. One number refers to the sweep of the gouge, while the other number refers to the width of the tool’s cutting edge. This second number is written in millimeters. This set includes gouges with varying sweep sizes. But what is a gouge sweep exactly? The sweep is the curved cutting edge. The lower the sweep number, the more subtle the curve in the blade. One is the lowest sweep number while eleven is the max number. This set comes with a four, five, seven, and nine sweep gouges.


The included V-parting tool is designed for undercutting and can also be used for making curved lines. It can also be utilized for pattern work and outlining.

Related Questions


Can the Gouges be Used for Fine Detail Work

Since the smallest sweep is a four gouge, we would recommend purchasing a two or three for finer detail work for sculptures or relief carving. The four is one of the most commonly used sizes and can be a better choice for moderate detail, but if you’re working on a smaller project or need a tool that can handle very fine detail, then a gouge with a smaller sweep is a better choice.

Can the Chip Cutting Knife Work for Whittling?

It can, but that can also depend on the type of whittling project you’re working on. Often, a basic chipping knife will work for most whittling work, but if you need a set that offers a variety of knife sizes, then we recommend the Flexcut KN250 Deluxe Knife Set.

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Does this Set Come with a Carry Case?

This set comes with a tool roll. This is essentially a soft carrying case. The roll features slots for each of the tools and is rolled up for easier storage and transportation.


  • Includes four gouge sizes
  • Single and double-bevel chisels
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Includes a tool roll for easy storage


  • Only comes with one wood carving knife

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

PFEIL Swiss Made Full-Size Starter SetThe PFEIL wood carving tool set comes with several tools that woodcarvers of all skill levels commonly use. But it only includes one wood carving knife, which may be a deal breaker for the relief carver or whittler. Overall, the tools themselves are well-made, feature well-balanced handles, and have a nice heft that makes them comfortable to use for a longer period of time. We gave this set a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars.

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